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Fleet Review 2339 by KillaBC
Fleet Review 2339
It was a rare sight for so many Starfleet vessels in one place so close to the frontier. The fleet review in the sector is a once in three year occasion in which the ships are inspected by Admirals and the senior staff of the crews attending a large dinner. Hosted by Starbase 434 the review became a much anticipated as well as lauded event by many Starfleet personnel, the pomp and ceremony ticked off many seasoned officers who felt that Starfleet was becoming complacent. The younger officers saw it as a way of brown nosing the brass and seeing if they could get better assignments on more prestigious vessels.

One such vessel was the USS Trireme, a Carina class ship. An offshoot of the Ambassador program the Carina class vessels are a rare sight in Starfleet with only seven built and commissioned into the fleet. Seldom did Starship enthusiasts have her in there scrapbooks. Her size was unparalleled and the hull was unlike anything Starfleet had made before her, mostly self sufficient she was the first ship to be fitted with industrial replicators and advanced fabrication facilities. The only timer she ever needed to be at a Starbase was to take on new personnel and resources that could not be replicated or manufactured on-board. This was not one of those occasions and thus the Captain disliked being pulled away from station.

The review did drive home some truths to some Admirals attending that year.  Starfleet had changed. The ships that they once captained against Klingon marauders and Romulan infiltrators were gone, the limits of the ships they served on were gone too with this new generation. Even the small Leander would have put a Constitution down on her knees if they were to ever have met in combat. Yet it felt like something was missing, the challenge perhaps? Risk was a distant memory, death among Starfleet officers and crewmen had slowly declined and ship losses were practically nil. It was the best of times for Starfleet, nothing could go wrong.

Happy 50th Trek!

The Shuttles were modelled by David Metlesits whilst everything else was done by myself. 

Rendered in 3DS Max with post effects in Photoshop, 

Carina Class by KillaBC
Carina Class
Well I completely redesigned the USS Calypso and made it a more accurate hybrid of Sternbachs and Proberts Ambassadors. I've always liked both designs but i've also had issues with them, most of which i've tried to rectify with this ship. 

Render by myself in 3DS Max 2016 with post effects in Photoshop. 

You can view it here in 3D:…
Orbital Transfer by KillaBC
Orbital Transfer
The USS Calypso begins dropping off various administrative personnel to an orbital office facility for a planet that is being prepped for terraforming. Once that is complete the Calypso will begin to transfer terraforming equipment into the holding areas of the office until a Starfleet science vessel arrives with the necessary personnel to begin the decades long process of making the planet suitable for life.

 Rendered in 3DS Max with post effects in Photoshop
To Explore by KillaBC
To Explore
The USS Lexington begins her first exploratory mission after the Khitomer accords. With the Klingon Border gradually demilitarised and starships built exclusively for 'border defence' were slowly mothballed. Starfleet found that the frontier was back open and several suitable ships were saved and had there extensive command and control facilities replaced by science labs, spacious quarters and advanced sensors. The Lexington Class was prime material for expanding the Federations new drive for exploration. She was two thirds the size of the Excelsior but as well armed and had about the same range which made her ideal to supplement the Excelsior in exploratory missions.

The Lexington class served distinctively until they themselves were all mothballed in 2356 after been superseded by far more capable vessels. However the onset of the Dominion War saw them pressed back into service, ironically refitted to fulfil there original role as Command Cruisers. In a bizarre story the Republic was taken command of by a former Ensign who had served on her on his first posting. Of the 24 suitable for reactivation only 3 survived the war as they were prime targets because of there ability to coordinate task forces tipping unfavourable situations to Starfleets advantage.

The Lexington Class was first seen in Klingon Academy.

Model and render by myself in 3DS Max and Photoshop.         
Tsunami by KillaBC
The USS Cyclone (Splendor Class) continues its scientific research on a supernova on the far reaches of known space. The crew are using shuttles to gather high resolution scans of particular pockets of gas in order to get a clear composition of the expanding cloud. With modern shielding (2339) the Cyclone was able to gather an extraordinary amount of information and then head home with the data.

Rendered in 3DS Max with post effects in Photoshop.      


KillaBC's Profile Picture
Conner Jai Bentley
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I'm a 22 year old student in the UK, I specialise in space scenes and have a deep love of Star Trek and sci-fi in general.

Ask me questions if you have an queries I usually answer pretty quickly.
Well as a favour to a good friend of mine, I'm going to say go have a peek at there stuff. Been trying to get them back into doing art for a whilst now and it seems to have finally kicked in to 11. So have a gander, they have some good stuff on there and from what I've seen it's only going to get better.


Eren Jeager Traditional Study by Petsin 

Thanks for taking your time to read!

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